Encore Sciences believes in creating health solutions by producing natural and efficacious answers to today’s health issues. We do this by making products that are shaped by a passion for improving and preserving health, driven by clinical research, and designed for those who care about the health of their bodies.


Encore Sciences is a brand of Sanoviv Medical Institute, a ground breaking medical institute located in Rosarito, Mexico.


Founded by Dr. Myron Wentz, Sanoviv was built on the basis that if he could combine optimal nutrition with successful cutting edge, science-based therapies to further counter degenerative disease he would have a winning combination.


During construction, Dr. Wentz demanded nothing but the best to accomplish his objective. He insisted on nontoxic technologies and building materials for this special retreat.


He engaged two furniture manufacturing companies to custom-build the furniture with non-toxic materials. Everything received special attention including carpeting, paints, fabrics electrical insulation, water purification…right down to the adhesives used to glue the laminates.


Completed in 2000, it is Dr. Wentz’s crown jewel. It is his dream to help people live longer, healthier lives.


  Iodine, the element critical for proper thyroid functions as well as good breast and ovarian health has slowly been weeded out of our society over a 40 year period.


Healthier Natural Pathway

More and more doctors are finding the research and deciding that Iodine is a healthier natural pathway to overcome some of the most controversial and common health issues facing our world today.

Rise in Breast Disease

During this time, we’ve seen a rise in breast disease, thyroid dysfunction, and degenerative disease. Encore Sciences is dedicated to bringing this precious element back into your daily routine to fend off many of these preventable health issues.

                          Dr. Myron Wentz

Dr. Myron Wentz has spent his lifetime developing businesses that would improve the health of humanity. In his travels and work all over the world, he became acutely aware of a developing story about the critical life element, Iodine, that had been slowly depleted and removed from our every day lives over the past 40 years.

Essential Life Element

Dr. Wentz knew it was time to pick up the torch and with his experience, help bring this essential life element, Iodine, to the masses in an easily accessible way. By educating the world first and foremost and investing in the highest quality products, Encore Sciences brings Iodine to the world so everyone can have easy access to one of the most important elements for our bodies.

                    Health Issues

Health issues and pharmaceutical drug prescriptions have increased as Dr. Wentz worked hard to try and solve the riddle that would help reduce both of these. He’s seen child health issues, reproductive health issues, thyroid dysfunctions, and auto immune diseases climb in number. If Iodine was such a critical life element, why wasn’t there greater access to it in our every day lives. This is where Encore Sciences begins.

Highest Quality of Iodine

You’ll be able to easily and with confidence, provide the highest quality iodine for your body knowing that we’ve done our research, worked with some of the leading programs for iodine delivery and made sure that you’re getting a safe, efficacious path to a healthy body.


We believe in creating health solutions. We believe in searching for natural and efficacious answers to today's health issues. We do this by making products that are shaped by a passion for improving and preserving health, driven by clinical research, and designed for those who care about the health of their bodies.


"You are educated, you break the mold, you care, enough to be part of the Encore lifestyle and searching for natural answers to today's health issues"


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